About Project HAPPY Water


Project Happy Water is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit group looking to raise the $100,000 needed for a full restoration and painting of the water tower on top of the JB White's Building in downtown Augusta, GA. Visible for miles, the watch towers begging to become a beacon to visitors and residents alike to come explore and rediscover the great restaurants, shops, and businesses that downtown Augusta has to offer.

The idea was thought up by Augusta native and artist Leonard "Porkchop" Zimmerman. Inspired by his HAPPY Project, the tower will be painted an eye-catching yellow with one side featuring his world famous smiling HAPPY Robot and the other the original J.B. White's Building logo.

Located at 936 Broad Street in downtown Augusta, the water tower was built atop the J.B. White's Building in 1924. The building originally housed the JB White Co. Department Store. The store, which was founded by Mr. James Brice White in 1874, quickly became a true Augusta institution offering everything from clothing to toys to housewares Today, the J.B. White's Building is home to New Moon Cafe as well as several offices and condos. The water tower has not been in use since 1946.

Several community members have joined together and organized this nonprofit group to make Zimmerman's vision for the water tower a reality.

Nancy Foster, Leonard Zimmerman, Carmen Bindues, Pierce Legeion
Nancy Foster, Leonard Zimmerman, Carmen Bindues, Pierce Legeion